Development Update: Faster Loading, Entry Editing, Mobile Creation

Jami Welch
Nov 19, 2021

Here's a quick summary of what we've been working on this week!

Faster Connected Calendars

When we introduced Connected Calendars, some testers told us it made Daybridge slower for them. This is because we were loading their other calendars in full, ever time they loaded a new page. We've now made some changes so entries form other calendars don't need to be fetched as often, which should improve overall loading times.

Editing entries on desktop web

You can now edit entires in your desktop browser. Click the pencil button on the entry, make your changes, then click save. If the entry is part of a repeating series, you'll be asked to decide between updating just that entry, future entries, or all entries in that series.

Creating entries on mobile

We've been making progress designing and building  entry creation on iOS and Android. An early version is now available on iOS, and over the next couple of weeks we'll bring it to Android, add some more options, and make sure everything match Sulley's designs (shown above).

Let us know what you think, and what you'd like to see next in the Community Slack or on Twitter!

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