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Manage your time, not your calendar.

Daybridge is a calendar built for people, not companies.
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Daybridge for Web

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Room to stretch out

Unlike most calendars, Daybridge doesn’t confine you to a half-empty grid. So you’re free to structure your day exactly how you like. Mix events, tasks, and notes together in the same place.

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Daybridge for iOS & Android

Gets to know you

Daybridge asks a few questions when you sign up. By learning about your personal situation, we’ll drastically cut down the amount of time you spend adding things to your calendar.

How many jobs do you have?

If you work for yourself, then count this as a job.

Where's home?

Optional. We'll use this to estimate travel times accurately.

Do you sleep in on your days off?

We'll use this to determine when your day starts.

On which days do you work?

You can configure a custom schedule, or skip if you don't know in advance.

How long do you spend getting ready?

Before you leave for work. A rough estimate is fine.

Are you currently studying?

This includes school, college, and university.

What's your usual bed time?

An estimate is fine if you don't have a consistent bed time.

How do you normally get to work?

Pick the option that applies most of the time.

Do you work on public holidays?

If it varies, then you can tweak this later.

Do you have any recurring commitments?

For example, music lessons or volunteering.

Plus symbol

Tools to plan your time, like...

A calendar entry showing a doctor's appointment.


A calendar entry showing time blocked out for studying

Blocked-out time

A to-do list with three items on it


A card showing a run imported from Strava


A calendar entry showing travel time for a flight

Travel time

A calendar entry showing time for sleep


Fill up your timeline...

Each of your Spaces has its own timeline. It scrolls infinitely in both directions. So you can look back, and plan ahead. Taking a day off? Collapse it to keep things tidy.

...with smart cards.

Smart cards live on your timeline. They put helpful, relevant information and actions right at your fingertips.

Two calendar entries. One shows a haircut, the other some drinks after work.

And lots more on the way, like...

Three different Daybridge spaces. They say Personal, Work and Kids.


Manage life, work, and everything in between. But keep it all neatly stowed in different Spaces.

Two clocks. One shows 2:15AM Pacific Time, the other 10:15AM London time.

Travel help

Create a Space just for your trip. Daybridge sorts out an itinerary, and even helps you minimise jetlag.

An integration between Daybridge and IFTTT


Connect your Daybridge calendar to other products and services you use, through IFTTT.

Help us build the world's best calendar

We want to build a calendar app that works well for everyone. So we’re looking for people from all walks of life to join our free beta programme.

You’ll get...

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About the developer

My name is Kieran, and I'm the developer of Daybridge. I was previously a Senior Backend Engineer at Monzo, a British startup bank, where I built features for millions of customers. I'm passionate about designing and building products that people love and use every day.

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