Make time for what matters

We got tired of using office software to plan our personal time.
So we're building a new calendar for people, not companies.

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Built for real life

There's more to life than meetings

Why use office software to plan your personal time? Daybridge lets you add travel, dinner dates, exercise and more. We'll categorise everything automatically to help you get an easy overview of what's coming up. Connect to your favourite services to see everything in one place.

Privacy first
Your data is yours. We'll never sell it to other companies, or give them access to it without permission.
Limited tracking
We'll collect data to make sure Daybridge is working. We won't let social media track your activity.
No ads
We’ll never show ads on Daybridge. You can be confident we'll never use your data for targeting ads, either.
On the roadmap

Even better with friends

Take the headache out of making plans, even if some people aren't on Daybridge. See when everyone's free, with instant suggestions of when to meet. Set up shared spaces with housemates, family, and friends. Or plan a vacation together with Trips.

Create groups easily
Sending invites to the same people over and over? Create a Group and invite them all at once with a single tap.
Find a time to meet up
Choose who you want to spend time with, and Daybridge will suggest the best times for you all. Without the long group chats.
Plan trips together
With shared spaces everyone can see travel plans, reservation details, and get updates all in once place.